Worldwide Life & Executive Coaching


You deserve to ask for and receive the help you need to create an amazing life.

As a Master Integrative Coach with 21 years of experience and a founding member of the Ford Institute, most recently as Executive Director. I also facilitate worldwide workshops, teleclasses, and lectures on

  • Trans-personal Leadership

  • Emotional Education

  • Team Building

  • Strategic Management

Jeff Malone
My Specialty

My Specialty

My vast experience in public speaking and skills training makes me qualified to deliver unparalleled training in innovative sales and enrollment. I am the co-developer of Debbie Ford’s revolutionary integrative relationship coaching model. Over the years, I have learned to find a balance between my clients’ professional and personal worlds. That allows my clients to travel easily the emotional path of all their relationships.

Jeff Malone

Business Consulting, Training & Development

Success is a choice, and you must take control of that choice.

I have worked with multinational and Fortune 500 companies as a senior executive and organizational consultant. I provide a collaborative and solution-driven approach to individual and organizational consulting and coaching.

Professional Experience

My experience is broad, operational, and uniquely diverse, involving foreign and domestic experience in

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Finance

  • Operations

  • Strategic Planning

  • Implantation & Organizational Development

Business Strategies

I also have extensive experience as a board member of both profit and non-profit enterprises. I specialize in facilitating

  • Authentic & Results-Driven Communication

  • Sustainable Positive Shifts

  • Transformation of Organizational Cultures

  • Transparency

  • Success

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