Finding a New Paradigm for Yourself

Welcome to the new home for Jeff Malone

I am excited to welcome you to my new web home where you can learn more about what I am doing, what programs and training’s, I am offering and what services are currently available and what I am thinking about. I made a decision a few years ago that my purpose was to raise the vibration of the planet. As grandiose and  delusional that may sound to some of you, I am finding  that there is not only a need for this in the world but there is a demand that we all step up into a new paradigm so we can create a sustainable world.The paradigm shift that will create sustainability and long term success for mankind is not the environment, economic disparity, social ethnic or religious inequities but something that sits under all of that. The root cause for all of these problems is our inability to relate to each other, our planet and our universe. We fundamentally do not understand our place in this world and have the skills and tools we emotionally need to create relationship that can sustain our planet and stand in the abundance that is available to all people.I am committed to teaching and training individuals to carry this message out into our world and to learn to have those skills and tools. I am committed to bringing a new mentality ino the individual ,corporate and organizational  worlds so that paradigm shift is possible  for all people. I am committed to having everyone to remember the brilliance with which they were born. I am committed to everyone finding their ultimate value and stand in their greatness however that may present itself . I am committed the everyone being completely present to themselves and their place in the world.Please visit the Lumen World wide  website when it opens and Facebook page where the transformational part of this work is presented  and you can meet my brilliant partners and co=founders Mary Herndon and Donna Lipman.

Please also visit  the Center for Relational Dynamics web site and Facebook page where you can learn more about our coaching, consulting, and organizational training  work where you can meet my  partner and co-founder Mary Herndon and learn about relational architecture, communication leadership and culture development work.Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at or by calling 1- 323- 909- 2280

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  1. Eva Futch says:

    Happy birthday Jeff’ ! I miss you,
    With much gratitude , Eva

  2. Linda Brown says:

    Hi Jeff..I just listened to you on The Deeply Happy series and all the bells and whistles went off in me!!! I am familiar with Debbie Fords shadow work…I am interested in learning more. Where are you located..Do you have any workshops other than that on the computer?? Thanks so much for your talk it has brought much peace and hope to every part of me……Namaste ,Linda

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