About Jeff

Jeff Malone has become a catalyst for overcoming adversity and breaking through the road blocks that stand in the way of success and happiness.  He works with clients to eliminate the discrepancy between what they say they want and the results that they are actually achieving.   

Whether as a coach or consultant, Jeff refuses to let clients settle for mediocrity when greatness beckons.  He expertly guides clients to peel back any self imposed limitations to achieve their full potential while remaining, authentic, in integrity and true to their deepest desires.  


Jeff is known as a highly respected management consultant and coach’s coach. He dedicates himself to a select set of individual and professional clients who are committed to leading powerfully, succeeding grandly and making a significant contribution in the world.


Jeff collaborates with his clients to create breakthrough change in themselves, in their organizations and in their lives. He specializes in bringing out the empowered inspiring leader in every one of his clients.


Jeff graduated with honors from Oregon State University, with dual majors in Economics and Art History, and holds an MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.

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