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With the explosion of technology today, and an ever increasing political divide, we are losing the capacity to create and sustain meaningful connections in our daily lives. Yet this is what we so desperately crave in our lives.
We feel isolated and alone. In spite of technological advances allowing us send and receive messages instantaneously, and tap into unlimited amounts information at will, depression is epidemic and suicide rates are at an all time high.
Relational dynamics is the paradigm for the next generation. What we are working on is a set of breakthrough concepts and techniques geared towards facilitating profound and meaningful relational relationships in your daily life.
Soon you will be able to develop the critical skills necessary for navigating today’s multiple fast paced and demanding communication channels without losing personal touch and intimate connection. Information shared on this site, along with the products, programs and processes developed through the Institute for Relational Dynamics will provide you with the perspectives and tools necessary for creating dynamic, connected and productive relationships.

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