2015 Visioning Exercise


How do you want to feel in 2015?


Jeffrey Malone, Co-Founder Center for Seven Lights

With the start of the New Year, I wanted to express my gratitude for the opportunity share the work of the Center for Seven Lights this past year.  I’m  my  excitement at the prospect of continuing to work together in 2015.  It is my honor.

As a gift for you, I developed an internal process to support you in celebrating the past year, and using this energy to  create  a powerful intention for 2015.  You can access this  recording by entering your name and email address in the box at the bottom of the page.

What It Is

Sweet releaseThis process may feel  a bit different than those you have you have done with me before.  Instead of focusing on the details of your vision, you will be asked to focus on the way you would feel if everything in your life were going perfectly for you a year from today.

Instead of focusing on what you want to create, you will focus instead on how you want to feel, and allow those feelings to pull you forward and inform your decisions and choices in 2015.

Feeling1Our Gift to You

Please accept this recording as my gift along with my fervent wishes for a deeply happy, fulfilling and empowered 2015.  Just enter your name and email address below now, and I’ll instantly send you a link to listen the visioning exercise.

C7L LogoFrom all of us at the Center for Seven Lights, we look forward to staying in touch with you and supporting you to shine your light brilliantly throughout 2015!


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